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Self-Control: One of The Biggest Indicators of Christian Character

Few things destroy a person’s life like a lack of self-control. You can be at the top of your profession one year and totally ruin your legacy with one bad decision the next. You can be known as a faithful pastor for years, and then backslide toward the end of your pastorate. Self-control is essential […]

What I’ve Learned About Leviticus After Studying it for Over a Decade

What happens when you study Leviticus for more than 10 years? I know the types of answers many people would provide: “You get to know your psychotherapist really well.” “People stop inviting you to dinner parties.” Or perhaps the most common: “Is this a serious question? Who in the world would do this?” I did. […]

A Reflection of Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This is not a book review. This is a book reflection. While I don’t normally re-read books, I’ve recently re-read Life Together: The Classic Exploration of Christian Community by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and want to make a few points about the book. It is my belief that if the Christian church picked up this book — […]

May It Not Be Charged Against Them!

Excuse me for starting an article with an exclamation point. I don’t usually do that, but today I want to make an exception. After all, the title of this article is directly pulled from one of my favorite sentences from the Apostle Paul. The reference I have in mind is Paul’s second letter to Timothy. […]

5 Ways to Waste Your Reading

What if there is a right way to read a book, and a wrong way to read one? What if there’s a way in which we approach our reading, that causes us to either waste our time reading or maximize it? If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t need to be convinced of the […]