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Some Practical Advice for Christian Graduates

Most graduation speeches aren’t actually that helpful. The speakers say things like follow your heart, never give up on your dreams, and be the change you want to see in the world. Some of the things they say are helpful. But it’s mostly fluff. No substance. The same ole stuff people have been saying for […]

What is Historical Theology?

I once did a genogram of my biological family. I went back and studied my family’s history. I spoke with my mother about my family, my grandparents, my great-grandparents, and many more beyond them. While I was not able to glean information about every single person in the history of my family, I was able […]

The Happy Christians

I love spending time with other brothers and sisters in the faith. As the old saying goes, some things are caught, not taught. So when I hang out with other believers, I’m constantly catching things. I become more like Christ because of them. And without a doubt, the most encouraging Christians to be around are […]

How to Remember What You Read

I love to read books. But few things discourage me more than not remembering what I read. I don’t want to give 6, 8, 10 hours of my life towards a book only to not remember any of it when I’m done. This is frustrating. But I know I’m not alone. Because of the fall, […]

6 Questions to Ask Before Posting about Other Christians on Social Media

Titus 3:2 tells us “to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.” We should not speak evil of anyone (especially Christians). And we should avoid quarreling at all costs. Does this characterize your social media habits? At times, social media is edifying and fun. Other […]