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5 Ways to Waste Your Reading

What if there is a right way to read a book, and a wrong way to read one? What if there’s a way in which we approach our reading, that causes us to either waste our time reading or maximize it? If you’re reading this article, you probably don’t need to be convinced of the […]

What Can John Calvin Teach Us on His Birthday?

July 10, 2018 marks the 509th birthday of John Calvin.  But the streamers and balloons are nowhere to be found.  Simply put, we live in a day that is so wrapped up in technology and new inventions that we tend to forget the lessons of the past, especially the lessons of dead guy. Calvin’s life […]

Evangelism Starts with God

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in evangelism is telling people the good news without telling them the bad news. No wonder I’m met with blank stares or “That’s nice for you, but not for me.” When we don’t tell unbelievers about sin and wrath, they often think grace is irrelevant. They don’t see […]

God is Good, Yes. But What Does This Mean?

“God is good,” the non-Christian says. Even though he’s not living for the Lord, he recognizes the goodness of God. People — both Christians and non-Christians — usually say “God is good” after something good happens. The problem, though, is that we toss expressions like these around without stopping to define what they actually mean. […]

Your Marriage is More Important Than Your Wedding Day

I recently heard of a wedding in which it was estimated that the couple spent over $200,000 on their big day. They spent over $20,000 on flowers. Included for the big day was an expensive dress for the bride, made by a professional fashion designer. Of course, they had multiple photographers. And they got married […]