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My Tribute to R.C. Sproul

I found out earlier today that R.C. Sproul is now with the Lord. I was getting ready to post something on twitter and that’s when I saw the many tributes and tweets about the news of his passing. I stopped and went to the couch in my living room and read more of the tributes. […]

3 Ways Jesus Transforms Holiday Stress

All of a sudden, the holidays are here.  As the popular song reminds us, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. . . right? I love the holidays and guess that many of you do, too.  But we also know that they bring some serious stress and challenges that threaten to rob us of […]

Loving God More by Taking Better Care of Your Body

I have a theory, and it goes something like this: the better I take care of my physical body, the better I am able to love God. Of course, God’s love for you never changes, but your love for him can. Taking good care of your body will put you in a position to love […]

Why Money is Not The Root of All Evil

On several occasions, I’ve heard this expression from others: “Money is the root of all evil.” I’ve heard it from Christians, from irreligious people, in the media, and lots of other places. Some seem to think that money is inherently evil, and we should find no delight whatsoever in money. Is this a biblical concept? […]

How to Witness at Work

How can you be a good Christian witness at work? To be fair, it’s not always easy. The stress and struggle of a hard job can bring the worst out of even the godliest Christian. Still, you are called to work heartily for the Lord and to honor him and in everything that you do […]