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Learning from Charles Spurgeon’s Faults

I don’t have many heroes but Charles Haddon Spurgeon is one of them. Through his personal example, preaching, and writing, he never ceases to point others to the Lord Jesus. God has used him to shape my life in many ways. Few men inspire me more than the prince of preachers. And yet, (you knew […]

Charles Spurgeon on The Sweet Sovereignty of God

Fewer doctrines of the Christian faith are more comforting than the sovereignty of God. It humbles you in good seasons, provides hope in hard seasons, and gives joy in all seasons. The doctrine of God’s sovereignty is a constant nourishment for the soul. But how do we define sovereignty? A.W. Pink defines it this way: “The […]

Spurgeon’s Advice To Young Men

“People said to me years ago, ‘You will break your body down with preaching ten times a week,’ and the like. Well, if I have done so, I am glad of it. I would do the same again. If I had fifty bodies I would rejoice to break them down in service of the Lord […]

Charles Spurgeon’s Conversion Story

Charles Spurgeon’s testimony is an encouraging story. The name Charles Haddon Spurgeon may be a familiar one to you. You may even know that he preached to thousands of people weekly, was the pastor of the largest church in his day, led many people to Jesus, established a school to train pastors in college, wrote over 140 […]

The Most Amazing Testimony I’ve Ever Heard

Charles Spurgeon was a famous Baptist preacher in the 1800’s and is one of my heroes. He is widely considered to be the “Prince of Preachers” and God used him in many extraordinary ways.  On October 7th, 1857, he preached to the largest crowd ever – 23,654 people – at The Crystal Palace in London. […]