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Did John Calvin Burn Michael Servetus at The Stake?

Church history question: Did John Calvin murder people? More specifically, did he have Michael Servetus burned at the stake? One of the nerdy things I do in my free time, among other things, is run a Facebook and Twitter account called @JohnCalvinDaily. Every day, I post a fresh Calvin quote. The accounts have gained well […]

John Calvin’s 5 Rules for Right Prayer

Looking to learn from John Calvin on prayer? You came to the right place. Many books, sermons, and conferences are dedicated to prayer every year. The reason is simple: most Christians (including me) need a lot of help in this area. You know some Bible verses on prayer. You’ve read a book or two, ask […]

How John Calvin Suffered More Than You Realize

Do you know how much John Calvin suffered? It’s probably more than you realize. If Calvin’s critics knew this about him, perhaps they’d cut him some slack. Indeed, to say that Calvin suffered a lot is a massive understatement. Here’s a few of his ailments: Calvin had multiple childhood weaknesses that he was not able […]