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The Tools I Use in Every Day Life

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend about the tools and resources I use in every day life. He seemed intrigued and asked if I would write down all of the tools and send them to him. I figured if he was interested in these tools, perhaps others would be, too. Which is why […]

How to Read More Books Despite Digital Distractions

When asked in this book what he would do if he could do it all over again, Tim Keller gave a simple, yet alarming response: “do less surfing on the internet.” “I think the internet is the friend of information but the enemy of thought,” Keller said. “There are a hundred other things that would […]

8 Apps Every Christian Should Consider Using

“I’m terrible with technology. I’ll never figure this out.” Sound familiar? That was my excuse. I was proud of my “old-school” ways and didn’t want to adapt to our changing, technological world. But after a while, I realized the problem isn’t technology. The problem is me. So, I changed. I decided to learn a few […]

5 Things Christians Should Stop Doing on Social Media

I like social media. I enjoy following fellow Christian friends and keeping up with their lives. Over the years, though, I’ve made a few observations of some things that could have been better had they not made Facebook or Twitter or whatever. Unfortunately, some of these things are mistakes I have made, too What are […]